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HIMIWAY Kids Electric Bike C1

HIMIWAY Kids Electric Bike C1

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Kids Electric Bike C1

The C1 e-bike has a powerful and reliable braking system that gives you double protection.

Varied speed settings (7/13/15 mph) suitable for different terrains and ages, prioritizing children's safety.

165 LBS Payload Capacity, ensuring the safety of heavier riders when riding on bumpy roads

It is long and large enough to fit your child's height changes.

Gently press the throttle on your right hand to accelerate and it reduces the chances of accidental engagement.

C1 is equipped with small footboard design instead of long footboards, ensuring that children's legs are not trapped or pressed when they accidentally fall. The C1 scooter's footboard design allows the body to lean forward better during emergency braking, enhancing safety and braking efficiency.

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