Our mission is to provide electric bicycles and tricycles that offer high-performance technology to make you go further and faster.

We target audiences such as RV enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and many more. Bronson has all styles of bikes, including the classic, old-fashion look to everyday bicycles that you see on the road. Electric bikes allow you to go further and faster no matter where you are or what you need to do. Bronson EBikes and Trikes is a small, family-owned company that started from just a hobby to developing into a small business.  

Bronson EBikes first started out of the family-owned business Hotwash, Inc. The idea first came about at the truck wash — to be able to give the semi-truck drivers that get stuck out on the road a way of transportation.

In October 2022, Bronson EBikes branched out and opened its own e-bike shop in Weissport, PA. Bronson eBikes is now located inside of the Hofford Mill, which has many different features including a restaurant, coffee shop, and— even better— it is right off of the D&L trail that runs for more than 140 miles.

Bronson EBikes offers many different services including sales, rentals, and maintenance of EBikes. Bronson EBikes' goal is to provide a friendly environment that will allow all customers to enjoy riding an EBike safely, go out and enjoy some alone time, or some time with friends and family.