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HIMIWAY Dual Battery Off-road Electric Bike Rhino( D5 Ultra)

HIMIWAY Dual Battery Off-road Electric Bike Rhino( D5 Ultra)

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Dual Battery Off-road Electric Bike Rhino(D5 Ultra)

If range anxiety is of concern to you, D5 Plus (Rhino) will get you covered with its 1440wh battery capacity. Battery density has increased by 21% from 18,650 to 21,700 cells, allowing you to ride up to 100 miles for a single charge. And worried about long charging times? It takes only 5 hours to get fully charged.

The Mid-drive motor with 160 Nm torques provides an immense amount of power when climbing hills and riding off-road. Coupled with torque sensors, power will be released precisely based on your pedal effort, ensuring your smooth riding experience.

The D5 Ultra(Rhino Pro) display is tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts. With its black background and green and white text, it ensures that all figures will be visible even in the worst and darkest outdoor environments. When combined with the mid-drive motor, you can expect stronger power output but a better level of control from this beast.

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