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Bronson Firefly

Bronson Firefly

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Introducing the Bronson Firefly 48V 750W 20AH Foldable Electric Bike, a versatile and powerful EBike designed to redefine your riding experience. With the added flexibility of choosing between two tire sizes, 20" x 3.0" or 20" x 4.0", this EBike is tailor-made for urban commuting, off-road adventures, and everything in between.

The Bronson Firefly boasts a formidable 750W motor that propels you forward with exhilarating speed and efficiency. Tackle inclines and rough terrains effortlessly, enjoying a responsive and powerful ride every time.

Powered by a high-capacity 20AH lithium-ion battery, the Bronson Firefly ensures an extended range, allowing you to explore your surroundings without the worry of frequent recharging. Experience the freedom of longer rides and extended adventures.

Convenience meets innovation with the foldable frame of the Bronson Firefly. Effortlessly fold and unfold your EBike in seconds, making it easy to store in compact spaces, transport in your car, or carry onto public transportation. Enjoy the freedom to take your EBike wherever life leads you.

The Bronson Firefly offers the option of two tire sizes - 20" x 3.0" or 20" x 4.0". Tailor your ride to suit your preferences and terrain. The 20" x 3.0" tires provide a balance of agility and stability, while the 20" x 4.0" tires offer enhanced traction and control, especially on challenging off-road paths.

Safety is a top priority, and the Bronson Firefly ensures a secure riding experience with its advanced braking system. Navigate city streets or off-road trails confidently, knowing that the responsive brakes provide reliable stopping power.

The Bronson Firefly features built-in front and rear LED lights, ensuring visibility during low-light conditions. Ride safely and confidently, knowing that you're not only enjoying an eco-friendly commute but also prioritizing safety on the road.

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