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VTUVIA SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Fat Tire

VTUVIA SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Fat Tire

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Cruise with exceptional power, torque, and range of the SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike. With its 750W rear hub motor, 80Nm maximum torque, intelligent 5-level pedal assist system, and extended 48-mile range, the SJ26 has everything you'd want in a fun cruiser electric bike.

Experience the freedom of all-day riding with the SJ26's impressive battery life. The removable battery provides long-lasting power, that allows you do enjoy a whole day of riding. With up to 48 miles of range per single charge you can enjoy your bike even after sunset.

Enjoy the timeless cruiser style and comfortable riding position of the SJ26. Rugged aluminum frame, hydraulic fork, disc brakes and fat tires create the ultimate cruising experience.

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